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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story about finding a drink in Utah?
Okay, yes, Utah is screwy. But we’d like you to think of it as “quaint,” and to think of Park City as a little slice of normal pie.  A city caught between a state with unique spiritual heritage, and a town with the raucous rousing mining past. Rest assured, with an ID showing you are over 21 you will find a good time and the ability to imbibe easy to be had.  Utah’s goofy liquor laws, beer, wine, and liquor are available in almost all areas of the state.  See our page on Nightlife and Dining for details on where to buy liquor, beer and wine, and how to manage Utah’s “membership” policy.

Where can I check my e-mail?
There are number of internet café options in Park City, and you can plug in. If you bring you’re laptop you should not have too much difficulty connecting to the internet through a house line in your vacation rental, but the best news of all is that… PARK CITY HAS GONE WIRELESS! If you have a wireless card, you can access the Internet anywhere in Park City. If are here during Sundance you can check your e-mail or surf the Web in any of our their special Internet lounges located in Festival Headquarters, the Digital Center, and the Sundance House.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, but only pending our approval, and you will have to arrange it with us in advance. We require an additional pet deposit.  Park City is a pretty pet-friendly place, as long as your pet is ready for the cold. Booties, sweaters, blankets—whatever it takes, Fido should be fine. There are a variety of doggie day-care options around Park City—check out the website of
, CESAR® Food For Small Dogs.  Along with local veterinary clinics, a great Pet Care provider is Schwaby’s Pet Care at 649-6388.  Mike Schwabb is one of the finest guys around and he’ll make sure you’re pet is well cared for. 

TERMS & CONDITION OF PET VISITS. We consider allowing your pet as a special privilege that requires our express written permission.  Pet’s that are brought into our units without permission are subject to immediate eviction and having such pets in our units is considered a breach of your rental agreement which may result in forfeiture of your deposit, or an immediate eviction of your party, pending our sole discretion.  And please understand that if your allowed pet creates a noise problem for adjacent properties, or if other problems such as noise, damage, or things we cannot anticipate occur, we reserve to right to require your pet be sheltered for the duration of your visit at a local veterinary clinic within 8 hours of our notice.

What should I bring on my winter vacation?
Check out our winter vacation travel checklist.  And if you are here for Sundance they recommend bringing your camera, skis/snowboard, sunblock, comfortable shoes, a warm coat, gloves, and a hat. The dress code during the Festival is often described as “mountain chic”—whatever you call it, it’s casual. Snowfall is common, and there will be ice on the ground, so be sure to come prepared with warm clothing and shoes you can walk in. One thing they don’t say at Sundance is if you truly you want to fit in, you must become a “PIB.” PIB is the term of endearment that Park City locals use to describe Sundance visitors, and is an acronym for “People in Black.”

The altitude in Park City … 7,000 feet and up!
Visiting Park City can literally take your breath away.  Depending on where you are in Park City, the altitude varies from 6,800 feet (2,103 meters) to 10,000 feet (3,220 meters).above sea level.

The bottom of Main Street is just about 7,000 feet.  If you are coming from sea level as so many of our Sundance visitors do, we recommend you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. The air is thin at altitude, so pace yourself—the effects of exercise and alcohol are magnified at high altitudes.  Give yourself a day or two to get acclimatized and you’ll be fine. Some people do suffer from mild nausea, headaches, and other altitude related conditions. 

And Utah is one of the driest climates in the country- great for giving us the most perfect snow on earth, but unusually harsh on you skin and soft sinus membranes. Cracked lips, dry and splitting knucles, and random nosebleeds are common.  Here are a few tips…bring a good quality lotion and use it. For your sinus we recommend a fresh bottle of vaseline, gently grease a finger and treat your inner proboscis to a light shalaquing.

So remember, the symptoms of altitude sickness are headaches, nausea, fatigue and/or shortness of breath. Altitude sickness generally disappears within 48 hours. Altitude sickness is almost entirely preventable and can be significantly minimized when the following guidelines are followed: exercise in moderation the first few days; drink more water than usual; reduce alcohol intake - which has a greater effect at this altitude; eat food high in carbohydrates and avoid salty foods.

What should I wear?
The average January temperatures in Park City range from a low of 12ºF to a high of 33ºF, though it has been known to go subzero ºF, or go up into the mid 40sºF. When the sun shines, it’s actually quite comfortable, and at night, the temperature drops dramatically. Because of this dramatic shift we advise that you dress in layers.  And be sure to bring a good pair of snow boots, as one step in a snow bank or big, icy puddle, without the proper footwear could be a really unpleasant experience. And you’ll probably do a lot of walking unless you have an affinity for parking fines, so what can we say except “Stay away from the Yellow Snow.” Gloves and a warm hat are essential. Oh, did we mention the average snowfall in January is 30.8 inches?  And there’s no telling what this year will bring. It could be double that.

“ You betcha.” Three area ski resorts provide plenty of skiing and snowboarding options—Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and The Canyons Resort.
Some of the resorts offer discount passes and we will let you check with them for these things so we can focus on looking after your rental unit.  As a rule, if you ski at one resort for an extended number of days you can find some package ski discount deals, and you can also check with ski rental agencies. If your plan is to ski at the different resorts, think about how much time you want to spend hunting down deals just to save $10-$15 dollars a day. It may not be worth the effort. 

The other major ski areas in Utah are in the Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons.  You can drive there from Park City and be on the slopes in about 1 hour and 10 minutes. But lodging is limited in these areas, and keep in mind that all the great dining, nightlife, and other ski vacation fun and action is in Park City. 


Park City Health and Emergency Center
1665 Bonanza Drive

Snow Creek Emergency and Medical Center
1600 Snow Creek Drive

Fire Department (emergency 911)
1353 Park Avenue

Police Department  (emergency 911)
445 Marsac

435-615-5000 (locally you do not need to dial the 435 area code)

Utah Poison Control
(800) 456-7707

A list of translators is available at the Park City Chamber/Visitors Bureau at 435-649-6100 or (800) 453-1360. They will be happy to assist you in making your stay in Park City enjoyable.

Currency can be exchanged at local Zions Bank and WELLS FARGO Bank locations. Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are located at the following bank locations:

Bank One
1650 Park Avenue
614 Main Street

Zions Bank - Foreign Currency Exchange
1100 Snow Creek Drive

1400 Kearns Blvd.
(800) 574-6600
6480 N. HWY 224
(800) 574-6600

ATMs are at many locations around town.  If you’re not sure of the nearest ATM, pop your head in the nearest eating establishment and ask where the nearest ATM can be found.  Additional ATMs are located at the Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort, Albertson1s, Dan’s and Smith1s food stores.

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