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Held every January, The Sundance Film Festival is hosted annually for over 25 years, where it Utah where it first started as “the American Film Festival.”

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“The city rarely sleeps—especially when Sundance is in town.”

Sundance Institute presents the Sundance Film Festival, an exhibition of work that showcases the best of independent cinema. This year, the programming staff viewed nearly 5,000 submissions to select the approximately 125 feature-length documentary and dramatic films and 80 shorts for presentation at this year’s Festival.

Held in the frosty air of Park City, Utah, internationally known for it world class skiing and the 2002 Olympic winter games, and Park City’s charming Old Town district and historic. The city rarely sleeps—especially when Sundance is in town.

Past Festivals have included films that have literally charted the history of independent cinema: sex lies and videotape, Reservoir Dogs, Hoop Dreams, Memento, The Full Monty, Shine, The Blair Witch Project, In the Bedroom, The Good Girl, Dogtown and Z-Boys, American Splendor, Capturing the Friedmans, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Thirteen, and The Station Agent.

The Sundance Film Festival is universally regarded as the foremost showcase for American independent films. The Festival culminates in the live broadcast of the Sundance Film Festival Awards, where kudos for excellence are bestowed by a jury and by audience vote.

Featuring premieres, archival gems from early independent filmmakers, works by indigenous artists, animation of every kind, cutting-edge experimental works, midnight cult films, and the innovative Sundance Online Film Festival make the Festival a complete film experience that celebrates the art and community of filmmaking.

Many in walking distance, most never more than 7 minutes from Snowgrotto Vacation Rentals

  •   HOLIDAY VILLAGE THEATRES - 4-PLEX –1776 Park Ave. behind Albertson’s Supermarket
  •   Jim Santy Auditorium – in the Carl Winters school bldg. Above the Park City Library. 1255 Park Avenue
  •   Egyptian Theatre   – 2/3 of the way up Historic Main St. & more  –   contact

FAQs - Make the most of Your Festival Experience

The film I want to see is sold out—what now?
If you really want to see a film, stop by one of the box offices to check ticket availability. If there are no tickets available, you can still head over to a theatre and join the Wait List line.

In addition to regular program of films, the Festival presents film-related events all day long at Festival venues like the Filmmaker Lodge, the Music Café, the Digital Center, or the Sundance House!

What’s the Wait List?
If tickets at the Box Office are sold out, try the theatres. One hour before each screening, numbered Wait List cards are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis (up to two cards per person). Thirty minutes before screening time, tickets are sold based on card number order. The larger the theatre, the more likely it is you’ll get in. The Eccles Center is the largest venue in Park City.   Wait List tickets are cash only. If you don’t get in, your money is refunded on the spot.  Lastly, quite often you will find people needing to sell their tickets for a performance they can not make. Keep a sharp eye for them as you wait in line.

Where’s the best place to learn about TBAs (ticket releases, new screenings), and daily news?
TBA stands for “To Be Announced” and is a place holder in the film schedule. It allows the Festival programmers to add screenings for popular films after the Festival begins. Information on TBAs is available at each theatre and all Festival Box Offices. The Festival is a daily newsletter. It will list the most up-to-date screening information, including TBAs, and daily news about what’s happening at the Festival.

Is the Festival happening only on Main Street in Park City?
Although the Festival’s hub is Park City, screenings are also in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and at the Sundance Village at the Sundance resort (located 40 minutes from Park City in Sundance). Tickets to screenings outside of Park City are also available at the main box offices.

Within Park City, you’ll find Festival activities and venues concentrated in two parts of town—historic Main Street and the Prospector Square area. Convenient (and free!) shuttles connect the two areas.

What’s the best way to get details about films or see filmmaker interviews?
The new Sundance Film Festival Daily, the official Festival newspaper, will have breaking news & behind-the-scenes information. This same information will be posted daily on the Sundance website,

You can also watch Park City TV’s “In the Can” segment every morning at 8:00 a.m., or tune your radio to KPCW every day.

I’m on a budget. What’s the best way to have a great Festival experience on the cheap?
Tickets to individual screenings are available, and every Festival film is followed by a Q&A with the director (and often members of the cast), that’s a pretty good deal.  Check out the the Sundance Institute website for special deals on passes.

Questions & Help at the Festival, where should I go?
You’ll find info booths at Festival locations all around Park City, including the Box Offices, Festival Headquarters, Sundance House, Eccles Theatre Lobby, Yarrow Hotel, and Prospector Square Theatre. In fact, you can find information and assistance at any official Festival location, including all theatres and venues!

Dining and Late-Night EATS at the Festival?
You like late-night movies; you’re on your fifth film and just need a quick bite to eat; you had a rough night and all you want is a big breakfast to get you off on the right foot. From budget watchers to big spenders, from morning to night, Park City has dining options for everyone, including a long list of
restaurants open until midnight. This is a mining town that doesn’t sleep.  A few places stay open as late as three AM or go to the Albertson's Super Market which stays open 24 hours.

Reservations are important for some restaurants—make them early (like now) if there’s a place you really want to visit while you’re in Park City

What’s the scoop on Utah’s crazy alcohol rules?
Beer, wine, and liquor are available in almost all areas of the state as long as you have a valid ID showing you are over the age of 21.  Check our alcohol info page here on the SnowGrotto website

What else is there to do in Park City?
There are plenty of things to do in Park City—skiing, spas, great restaurants, hiking—and the best place to find out about them. 

But I don’t Sk or Snowboard, what else can I do./

First, check around our website, there are plenty of activities, and if you are bored during Sundance then something is not right. If you do want to try an on-the-snow activity, and you can’t motivate for snowshoeing, cross country track skiing (you really should try it at the Sundance Resort is just beautiful, fun, & easy).

Where can I check my e-mail?   Park City has gone wireless! !!
You have a wireless card, you can access the Internet anywhere in Park City. If you don’t bring your laptop, you can check your e-mail or surf the Web in any of the Sundance Internet lounges located in Festival Headquarters, the Digital Center, and the Sundance House.

Are the ski resorts open during the Festival?
“ You betcha.” Three area ski resorts provide plenty of skiing and snowboarding options—Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and The Canyons Resort.

Check out our Travel Check List on this website!
I’ve never been to Park City in January. What should I wear?

It’s winter, and that means average January temperatures in Park City range from a low of 12ºF to a high of 33ºF. The days are quite pleasant, and nigh the temperature drops dramatically so it’s wise to dress in layers.  Bring a good pair of snow boots. One step in a snow bank or big, icy puddle (yes, it will happen) without the proper footwear could be a really unpleasant experience.

You will probably do a lot of walking unless you have an affinity for parking fines. Gloves and a warm hat are essential.

The average snowfall in January is 30.8 inches.

The altitude in Park City … 7,000 feet and up! This means that attending the Sundance Film Festival can literally take your breath away. Depending on where you are in Park City, the altitude varies from 6,800 to 10,000 feet above sea level. We recommend you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. The air is thin so pace yourself—the effects of exercise and alcohol are magnified at high altitudes. Give yourself a day or two to get acclimatized.

Utah is one of the driest climates in the country, and while this is great for giving us the most perfect snow on earth, it can be harsh on you skin and soft sinus membranes. Here are a few tips…bring a good quality lotion and use it.  Please check with your doctor if you have any unique personal concerns.            

What else should I bring to the Festival?

We recommend bringing your camera, skis/snowboard, sunblock, comfortable shoes, a warm coat, gloves, and a hat. The dress code during the Festival is often described as “mountain chic”—whatever you call it, it’s casual. Snowfall is common, and there will be ice on the ground, so be sure to come prepared with warm clothing and shoes you can walk in.

Sundance Institute has recently introduced new Pass and Package ordering system with enhanced online service and more Customer Service operators. Plus, you’ll receive instant confirmation of a Pass or Package when you order. But Passes and Packages sell out quickly so don’t be left in the dust. As always, passes and packages are limited to one per person per date session.

View the complete Sundance Online Film Festival throughout its broadcast by purchasing a ticket for just $10 when you order your Festival Pass or Ticket Package.

New Paperless Order System

Passes and Ticket Packages 24 hours a day at

Individual tickets can be purchased beginning January at Individual tickets are also available for purchase during the Film Festival at the Festival box offices.

ON line Festival
The entire film industry is undergoing a digital transformation that will forever affect the way films are created, distributed, and experienced. The Sundance Online Film Festival represents some of the most exciting work being made for the Web today.

These companies are sponsors of Festival and Sundance asks that you consider using them when making your travel arrangements:

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental is conveniently located inside the Salt Lake International Airport Car Rental Plaza. This service- and customer-oriented rental company offers a variety of vehicles, customer pickup, vehicle delivery, extended hours, and valet parking.

Express Shuttle

Express Shuttle is a door-to-door shuttle service. Transportation is available between Park City or Sundance and the Salt Lake International Airport. Service is primarily by minivan with occasional use of motor coaches. Please make reservations at least 48 hours in advance with a credit card. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance for refund. Upon arrival at the Salt Lake airport, please check in at the Express Shuttle Desk across from the baggage claim carousels, and a representative will be waiting to assist you.

Eccles Theatre Parking Pass
A limited number of parking passes are available during the Film Festival for the Park City High School parking lot adjacent to the Eccles Theatre.

Sundance Resort Shuttle Service
Click here for information on shuttle service between Park City and Sundance Resort.

Sundance Institute supports independent artists not only at the Sundance Film Festival, but also in a wide array of programs throughout the year. Nearly 100 artists take part in the Institute's Film and Theatre Labs each year, and hundreds more are supported at the Festival. As a not-for-profit organization, Sundance Institute relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government supporters who share its commitment to independent art and artists.

When you are buying your Festival Pass or Ticket Package, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Institute to directly support the next generation of Sundance artists. Or join the Patron Council, a membership group with levels beginning at $1,000 that offers VIP access at the Festival through tickets, special screenings, parties, and events, as well as benefits that extend year-round.

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