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A)   TO DO � Before You Leave For Vacation

Please note that this list is by no means

q Organize travel documents including: airline tickets, government issued ID needed for flying, cash;

q Clothing list

q Tune Skis

q Leg & Aerobic exercises; stretching exercises

q Pet kenneling or other pet-care services; 

q Water plants

q Purchase batteries

q Change out going message on message machine

q Leave travel itinerary & contact info with appropriate parties

q Empty trash

q Clean travel clothing in week before departure

q Check supplies of prescription medications

q Prepare emergency medical information sheet

q Prepare grocery shopping list (for families & large parties)

q Pay bills � utilities, credit card bills

q Turn down house heat to 50-55 degrees

q Arrange Airport transportation or Make sure you have adequate gas in your vehicle to get you to the airport

q Contact airline for instructions on carry on terms;  How to pack Skis  & Snowboards


q Make sure travel documents, Airline Tickets, ID�s, Wallets etc. are in a place you will not forget them.

q Pack bags 24 hours before leaving

q Confirm airline reservations & ground transportation 24-48 hours in advance.


q Sunglasses (2 pairs)

q Ski Goggles

q Ski Gloves (one light pair, one w/ high cold rating)

q Ski Helmets

q Around town gloves

q Vitamins (multi) & prescribed medications

q Aspirin, Ibuprofen based anti-inflammatory, Tylenol

q Hand/Body Lotion

q Sunblock (higher the SPF, the better)

q Throat lozenges (helpful with dry air)

q Emergency Medical information list

q CDs 

q Fresh Batteries for cameras, Walkman, etc.; digital camera storage cards

q Board Games /  Puzzles / Television games (Play station/X-Box)

q Fanny Pack or Back Pack for around town, small shopping trips

q Headwear such as ear muffs, fleece headband, hat (make sure that if you do not bring muffs or headband that your hat has flaps to cover your ears

q House slippers,  Snow walking boots

q Travel Hygiene:  shampoo & conditioner; toothpaste;  mouthwash;  skin sensitive soaps & deodorant; feminine needs; 

q Ski Clothing- make a list, think in layers as mountain temps can drop rapidly with cloud cover and the onset of night.

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