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Up 400 flights daily arrive at the Salt Lake International Airport, and from here you are only 36 miles to Park City.  But before you step off the plane, here are a few facts to help you orient yourselves.

Where is Utah?     Where is Park City?

   Salt Lake City and Park City are just a touch north of the exact center of Utah.

   Salt Lake City and Park City are almost exactly 1/2 way between the northern US Border (Mexico), and the northern US Border (Canada).

   Utah is directly north, above Arizona. Below Arizona is Sonora, Mexico.

   Utah is between Nevada to the west, and Colarado to the East

   Dividing the central northern border of Utah are Idaho on the west, and Wyoming on the east. Above most of Idaho, and all of Wyoming, is Montana. Just above Montana is the Canadian border of the Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces. 

   You can drive to the Wyoming border from Park City in just over an hour.  About four hours further north is Jackson Hole.

  Utah is in the Rocky Mountain Range. The major Utah forests are the Wasatch, and the Uinta. 

Where is Park City from the Airport?

36 miles to the west of Salt Lake International Airport, is Park City. As you are you are driving you can see the Wasatch mountains. The lower portion of the mountains that the Salt Lake City �valley� butts up to, is called the �Wasatch Front.�  Also in view to the southeast is a rugged mountain range known as the Timpanogas.

If I am not renting a vehicle, how do I get to Park City?

It�s easy! There are several shuttle companies leaving as frequently as every 20 minutes during the winter season.  You can arrange a ride in advance, or go to the shuttle booths which are located in the airport baggage claim area and catch a ride on the next available shuttle.  Shuttle rides are around $30 per person, and we recommend making advance arrangements if you have a large group. You can find more transportation info in the transportation links on our website.

Directions to Park City

Please see our other transportation pages on the website for maps from the airport and maps of Park City and to our properties.

Which airline should you fly?

Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines have hubs in SLC, and all major US airlines dock their birds at the gates of Salt Lake International Airport. 

While we understand that all of us want to save money on flights, consider that extra layovers are timely, and can create unanticipated delays which may cause disruptions to your flight schedule. Delays of this sort can be very frustrating, and can be quite exhausting to family friends. It�s not a great way to start your vacation.  We recommend that you start your trip with a flight with no more than one layover to reduce the risk of travel delays, and to make things easy

Estimates for direct, non-stop flights from other US Cities to SLC International Airport.

Atlanta  3:45

Boston 5:15

Chicago  3:15

Dallas   2:35

Houston  2:50

Kansas City  2:20

Los Angeles  1:50

Minneapolis  2:40

New York 5:30

Omaha  2:10

Orlando  4:30

Phoenix  1:25

San Francisco 1:45

Seattle  1:50

Washington, D.C. 4:30

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