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A dining guide will also be included in your arrival packet. From pizza to French bistro, Park City features so many world class restaurants that we could not possibly name them all.  They range in price and service style, and you are sure to find one for every cuisine imaginable.  Here is a short list of tried-and-true dining spots which visitors have provide us with favorable comments:

Ciseros Ristorante & Cafe � meals ranging from pasta to seafood and other meat specials, children�s menu, comfortable prices, and after dinner head downstairs to Cisero�s Bar, one of the hottest nightspots in Park City.

The Eating Establishment � from world famous breakfast to BBQ combo plates, the �double E� or the �EE� may be Park City�s most versatile restaurant. Great hours, good consistent food, wood dining room and dining atrium, prices families can appreciate.

El Chubasco Mexican � voted Utah�s best �fast style� Authentic Mexican grill

Oh Shucks - Bar & Grill � �Shucks is one of those casual bars with true local flavor.  Free peanuts, a great list of beers both tap and bottled, and a full bar with cool bartenders. If you�re hungry order up their famous 1/2 pound garlic burger, or a cajun dog, or a Fowl Burger.

Baja Cantina - located at the base of the Park City Mtn. Resort, the Baja has a huge and great traditional Mexican menu that should satisfy all, including those of you who are looking to sit down at their bar with an upgraded Margarita.

Tips and service charges are customary in restaurants and bars, but are not included in your bill except for parties of 6 or more. In the case of larger parties your waiter may have added the tip into the total. They are supposed to inform you if the are making the automatic tip, but it is not a law.  We recommend you check the menu for information, or examine your receipt before leaving a tip.  This way you can avoid leaving a double tip.

Tipping Suggestions:

In general, 15-20 percent of the bill is customary depending on the quality of the service. It is customary to tip taxi drivers (15 percent), bellman, porters and sky caps ($1 per bag), snowmobile/ski guides ($5-$10 per person), massage therapists and hair stylists ($7-$15).

Clubs & Nightlife
The bottle has come out of the bag.  Brown Bagging, or the art of bringing in your own alcoholic beverage in a paper bag, is no more. You can buy alcoholic beverages at most of Park City�s restaurants, but that does not mean that the rules are not funky. They are.  Bars require memberships (see below)

ALCOHOL- Drinking In Utah
Utah's liquor laws are easy to understand. Alcoholic beverages can be served with meals in most restaurants and hotels. Liquor may be purchased in state liquor stores in Park City at two locations: 1550 SnowCreek Drive - across from Park City Market - formerly Dan's and on 460 Swede Alley (one street over from Main Street). You must be at least 21 years old to purchase liquor in Utah. Be advised -- all liquor stores are closed on Sundays. Beer is sold in grocery stores.

Mixed drinks are served in Utah1s non-exclusive private clubs. Visitors are welcome at these clubs and temporary memberships are available for a minimal fee. The main difference between private clubs and public restaurants is the time of the day that drinks may be served. Private clubs may serve alcoholic drinks throughout the day. Restaurants may serve alcoholic drinks only with food and after 12 noon

Smoking �Fumar�  In Utah
Utah's clean air act prohibits smoking in "places for public access." For example: shops, stores, theaters, restaurants, hotel common areas and buses.  Smoking is permitted in most bars and private clubs.

Utah has come a long way from the old Brown bagging days, but it still has a ways to go.  Getting into a club may require not only a cover charge (generally when there is live music), but also requires a �membership� to the �private club.� If you are from just about any normal, cool state, then this will seem funky. One week trial memberships can be had for $5 for one person, who may sponsor his friends. Howerver, some bars do not allow new members to sponsor more than one guest.

Those of us who have lived here for a while know how to get around the membership.  By asking for a sponsor, someone in the bar or walking in the bar who is a member, that person can invite you in as your guest.  The laws governing sponsorship have changed slightly and we suggest you check at the door with the club you are going to. The latest crazy rule is that you must have a pre-existing relationship with the person who sponsors you. So, before they enter the club, walk up and introduce yourself, and then ask them to sponsor.  Voila!  You have a pre-existing relationship.

Some of the information on this page is subject to change pending state legislation, codes, etc.

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